“ Packaging Can Be A Theatre, It Can Create A Story
- Steve Jobs

Guess Why Packaging Is Important ? Cause Manner Of Giving Is Worth More Than The Gift.
Trousseau packing’s rising popularity is not without any reason, it is not a new concept for Indian weddings as the tradition of packing the thalis with the translucent golden paper is a very old practice.
Weddings for Brides can be stressful, so why add on to the stress of their trousseau packing as well.
Trousseau packing is collection of gifts and memories given to bride during her wedding day.
Trousseau Packers are cashing in this popularity by introducing new ideas and concepts to do the packing to impress your guests.
Here’s a list of Home Brands on Instagram that will help you through the same.

Based in Mumbai.

Brand owners Jinali Jain & Akshita Rathod's main focus is on user experience and creating a dream packaging for you.

Rustic theme consists of use of wooden trays, choice of colors like blue brown and beige and a touch of gold old frame to give it a realistic touch, addition of flowers to give warmth and sense of rustic feeling.

It takes up to minimum 30 days prior for them to come up with a theme and prepare for all your needs. Trays are a major budget cost in trousseau packaging, some of the types are Wooden trays, glass trays, brass trays, silver trays, gold trays plastic or metal painted trays, cardboard trays packed with gift wrapping paper etc. Trousseau packaging cost can vary from Rs 20,000 to 10 lakhs and above depending upon a lot of variables.

So connect at the earliest to get the best of their ideas.
Based in Banglore.

Brand owner Shefali Bafna started this business at the age of 20. She is a curator, designer and a planner. She believes in creating memories for the bride than just packing gifts.

Her work is nothing less than dreamy and touch of elegance and excellence. Her eye for detail and to go the extra length on each packaging is something to look out for when selecting your preferred brand to work with.

Flowers can make or break a packaging, the right touch, color combination and variety makes the packaging look extravagant. One can either go for fresh natural flowers or artificial flowers. Fresh flowers give an experience on touch and smell where as artificial flowers gives us variety and lasts longer. Depending upon choosing between the two the time period for packaging is decided.

Go follow her on instagram, she also plans events. Go book her for your upcoming event to experience dreamy memories for yeras to come.
Based in Delhi.

Family owned brand since 1992 is creating a buzz with their range of packaging for all kinds of events.

Unique theme ideas like peacock with lights or teej theme is some of the concepts they have come up with. They do traditional as well as modern packaging for all kind of events related to the wedding industry.

Curating a list of gift that you want to give is what the brand needs from client to get started, for examples from dry fruits, fruits, food items like coffee bottles, dips, cookies, chocolates, dry packet foods, makeup, bath and body, watches, hair accessories, jewellery, clothes, bags and wallets, gold or silver coins, electronics like smart phone or headsets or tablets, cash envelopes, sweets etc. The list is long and one can curate as per their needs and wants.

Laxmisingla customizes your vision into reality, all you need to do is dream.

Just getting good stuff doesn't matter- when its packed like a million bucks, it'll make your trousseau shine even more! Luxurious packing is a thing now, and it just makes everything so much prettier!

Smoothen The Process, Spruce Up The Radiance To Your Gifting.
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