“ The Function Of A Design Is Letting The Design Function
- Micha Commeren

Ever Thought About Why Restaurants Are More Expensive Than Street Food ?

There is a whole process that goes before a brand decides to open a restaurant. Learn here how an interior designer come up with conceptualizing to the end product that you see as a restaurant where you dine in and talk about ambience or asthetics.

Scoping Questionnaire

Once a project is locked in the first process is to give the client\brand a scoping questionnaire to understand their needs and their views\design concept.

Visiting Property

Visiting the property is important to visualize the space better and to take measurements Post which a measurement layout of the space is prepared.


The first two steps helps us in building of a concept or a theme. Concept building depends upon a lot of variables for example Brand Identity, kind of space outdoor or indoor etc.

BOQ Making

All concepts are ultimately finalized after budgeting of each item given in concepts or themes. Budgeting is important so that we are aware of how much have we invested in total.

Contacting Vendors

As per concept selections, we share our references and that is how a vendor helps us for selections closer to our concept. This also helps us understand our budgeting.

Finalizing BOQ

After getting budgets from vendors as per our concepts of themes. Finalizing of concepts + BOQ with clients take place. This process is basically to LOCK IN the design budget.

Market Sourcing

Sourcing of items as per our theme or concepts starts. For examples : Flooring, veeners or laminates, furniture, colors, lights, fabrics, electronics, restroom acessories etc.

Prepartion of Drawings

Now that our market ranges + sizes have come in and we also have our measurement layout. We start with process of planning and put them as dwgs for better understanding .

Kickstarting Designs

After all the selections + finalizing of dwgs the process of working on venue to implement design starts by workers or contractors with designer doing site visits.

Concluding the process its not easy to open a restaurant without proper planning or funding for a long term period.